Monday, 15 October 2012

Beautiful Kitchens....

I have a bit of a weakness for stunning kitchens, particularly the shaker style, understated muted tones of greys, creams and blues.  I have always adored Plain English and a few other companies, but recently I came across DeVOL Kitchens.  I was captivated by their styling, colours and quality and am thrilled that they shot our Hare fabric this week in one of their spectacular kitchens.  If you would like an introduction just email me and I can give you more information. Alternatively, if you contact them direct, we would love a little mention.  Thank you and enjoy.

Photography and Styling by DeVOL Kitchens.

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  1. I really think a kitchen is what makes a home beautiful. If you have a nice kitchen that highlights the home and takes away from the parts about it that are less pretty. Things like a unfinished basement could be ignored if the kitchen is amazing.